Brandy Mascaro Cuvée X.O Millenium

Brandy Mascaro Cuvée X.O Millenium

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Art.Nr.: BR-200070


limited edition of 2000 bottles
einzeln nummeriert
Karaffe in Geschenkbox
40% vol. - 0,7 l

This is a unique and unrepeatable brandy of which only 2.000 numbered bottles. Each bottle can be considered a collection object.

The “hollands” (wine distillate) used for this brandy have aged for 20 years in French Allier oak barrels. Aging in this type of wood gives this brandy its own personality and character because the rest of our brandies are distilled in Limousin oak barrels.

It is produced in our own distillery located in Vilafranca del Penedès (Spain) where we distill wines made from local varieties from our estates using the double distillation technique.

Since 1946 Mascaró family has taken care of controlling the quality of its products throughout all the production process. This is the reason why we produce wines designed to distillation, giving our brandies a unique taste.

Old gold color with hints of mahogany.
Fine aroma and creamy. The notes of wood and distillate blend gently.
Tasty, balanced with notes of toffee and varnish. The finish is smooth and full bodied, concentrated and elegant.

Angaben zur Lebensmittelverordnung:
Artikel: Brandy
Nettofüllmenge: 0,7 l
Alkoholgehalt: 40%
Lebensmittelhersteller/Importeur: Haromex Development GmbH, Am Weihersfeld 45, 41379 Brüggen, Germany
Ursprungsland: Spanien
Farbstoff: nein


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