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Cognac Jean-Luc Pasquet - L`Organic 10

Cognac Jean-Luc Pasquet - L`Organic 10

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Art.Nr.: CO-101442


Grande Champagne
10-12 Jahre alt
in Geschenkpackung
40% vol. - 0,7 l

Nachfolgend eine kleine Präsentation des Hauses "Jean-Luc Pasquet" (in englisch):

The Life of a Wine-Grower:
In 1971, Jean-Luc Pasquet began cultivating his Uncle Albert’s vineyard, a property that has been in the family since 1730. Ceding the vines and the land to his nephew in 1973, Uncle Albert has been immortalized in the very old cognac of the property, “Oncle Albert-Très Vieux Cognac”. Since his debut in viticulture, Monsieur Pasquet’s passion for his work, his art, has germinated and flourished. To commercialize his bottled Cognac, Mr Pasquet decided to create his own trademark in 1977. With his own production and the stocks he inherited from his uncle, he composed his range offering cognac from eight years of age to very old and very rare, “Oncle Albert” an 80 year-old blend. The nobility of the Grande Champagne region, 1er Cru in Cognac, is expressed in his “terroir” and his cognacs produced in it, as noted by Mister Packsensky, german gastronomic critic (“Le Grand Livre du Cognac” Solar 1987) and Mister Mac A. Andrew, an american specialist in Cognac (“Cognac” Lusina Publishing Company 1999). Monsieur and Madame Pasquet used conventional farming methods for 22 years, but discontinued these practices when they found one of their parcels showing signs of poor health. The same year, they discovered organic agriculture and were convinced, after a trial year, that they should convert the entire vineyard. In 1995 they made the transition to organic agriculture and in 1998, they obtained the label. The radical change in the vines begot a larger range of Pasquet products in 2003, when two aperitifs, the “Marie-Framboise” and the “Raisignac”, were added.

The Vineyard:
Today, the vineyard consists of seven and a half hectares in a single plot situated in Grande Champagne, the first cru of Cognac (clay-calcium soil). Grape varieties include: 76 % Ugni Blanc / 8 % Montils / 16 % Folle Blanche

The Wine-Making:
The entire production in bottle originates from a manual harvest which Mister Pasquet elevates carefully into wine to create his final products. He presses the juice destined for his aperitifs in a small press of 15 hectoliters, which permits a gentler extraction. The grape juice intended for Cognac production is passed through the 30 hectoliter press. Commercial yeast plays no role in the production as the indigenous yeasts, those from the vineyard assure the fermentation, which takes place in 100 hectoliter, on average, concrete tanks. The sugars of the grape juice are transformed into alcohol during this process. During the course of the winemaking, nothing is added to the wine for the Cognac or the aperitifs. Neither preservatives nor flavoring is used.

The Distillation:
Mister Pasquet distills the wine he has made in his still “Charentais” (the region in France, origin of Cognac), following the traditional principles of Cognac distillation (double distillation). Transformation of wine into alcohol is an art which Mister Pasquet practices exceedingly well. For two months of the year he becomes an alchemist, giving birth to the Eau de Vie of Cognac.

The Ageing:
The young eau de vie is, next, stocked in 400 liter oak barrels. With the magic of time hand in hand with the extraction of tannins and flavors from the wood, the original white alcohol is transformed into the golden beverage with its unique flavor. Little by little, water is added to the Cognac to preserve the intense yet elegant characteristics of the “eau de vie des Charentes”.

The Assemblage:
This part of the process is reserved exclusively for Mister Pasquet, as he uses his refined senses to put together justly different “Eaux de vie” to create an exceptional Cognac.

Angaben zur Lebensmittelverordnung:
Artikel: Cognac
Nettofüllmenge: 0,7 l
Alkoholgehalt: 40%
Lebensmittelhersteller/Importeur:  SARL Domaine  Pasquet, Chez Ferchaud, 16120 Eraville, France
Ursprungsland: Frankreich
Farbstoff: nein


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