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Cognac Dupuy - Extra

Cognac Dupuy - Extra
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Cognac Tiffon - Lot 19:22 - Petite Champagne - ca. 100 Jahre alt

Cognac Tiffon - Lot 19:22 - Petite Champagne - ca. 100 Jahre alt

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Lieferzeit 1-3 Tage

1.427,14 EUR pro Liter
Art.Nr.: CO-101803


bottled 2022
Petite Champagne
Berry Bros. & Rudd
Brut de Fut
limited edition of 50 bottles
exclusively bottled for Kirsch Import
mundgeblasene Flasche mit Wachskapsel
in Holzkiste
41,2% vol. - 0,7 l

Tiffon 'Lot 19:22 Petite Champagne' (41,2%, Berry Bros & Rudd for Kirsch Import) Five stars

This Cognac 'should' have been distilled exactly 100 years ago, or at least the grapes should have been harvested in 1922. Unless the mention '19:22' would rather be related to Proverb 19:22 in the Bible (not the Whisky Bible), which says that 'Loyalty makes a person attractive. It is better to be poor than dishonest.' That's exactly right! Colour: amber. Nose: this one has rather more wax than the previous ones, it's rather more on bee products, honeys of course, fresh pollen, with just a little liquorice wood and then old ripe apples, quinces and pears, which is always stunning. There's also the expected trilogy menthol/camphor/tobacco, but in all subtlety. No massive chocolate and tea this time, rather a tiny touch of mango completing this astonishing showcase of delicacy. Mouth: fruits all over the place! This is astonishing indeed, I had been expecting more wood. Same honey, wax and pollen combination at first, then same apples, pears and quinces, which is one thousand times less pedestrian as you would believe in this context. Tiny herbs and flowers are completing the picture, as well as our friends the dried figs, which we find in almost all very old aged spirits. Only a tiny piney/putty-like note reminds us that this was made four years after the end of WWII. Hard to believe. Finish: medium, rather honeyed, with notes of very, very old Tokaji. Say 6 puttonyos. A funny, infinitesimal hint of grilled and buttered maize in the aftertaste. Perhaps… Comments: no fragility whatsoever at this kind of age and strength. Should we really score such a divine old spirit? Isn't doing this a little vulgar too?
SGP:561 - 92 points.


Angaben zur Lebensmittelverordnung:
Artikel: Cognac
Nettofüllmenge: 0,7 l
Alkoholgehalt: 41,2% vol.
Lebensmittelhersteller/Importeur: Cognac Tiffon, 16200 Jarnac, France
Ursprungsland: Frankreich


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