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Cognac Tessendier - Through the Grapevine - Lot 97

Cognac Tessendier - Through the Grapevine - Lot 97

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Art.Nr.: CO-101421


distilled 1997 - bottled 2018
Grande Champagne
Through the Grapevine - Collection
selected by La Maison du Whisky
Brut de Fut
limited edition
in Geschenkpackung
48% vol. - 0,7 l

Original-Tasting-Notes (La Maison du Whisky):
"After darkness, I hope for light", that's the motto of the Tessendier family, owners of a 20-hectare vineyard in the Borderies terroir. The exceptionally talented master blenders Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier created their own brand drawing on their ancestral expertise. With enormous complexity, this cuvée beautifully showcase its prestigious Grande Champagne terroir. At once refined and powerful, classic and original, fresh and mature, lively and unctuous, it draws on these contradictory qualities to better showcase the profoundly well-balanced nature of the palette of flavours and aromas.

Appearance: copper with glints of old gold.
Nose: ample, rich. The very empyreumatic (apricot stone, cedar) initial nose has majestic presence. Allowed to breathe, it develops stunning notes of tarte tatin, fig jam and heather honey. The Grande Champagne terroir is magnificently reproduced. It reveals aromas of cep, truffle, dead leaves, exotic fruits (mango, passion fruit, flambéed banana) and corinthian raisins.
Palate: both lively and unctuous. The fleshy and pulpy (plum, white grape) attack is very dense. Its gravelly, almost earthy, texture boasts imposing fullness and power. On the mid-palate, aromatic plants (thyme, oregano), lime blossom honey, almond milk and grape are placed delicately on the palate. The end of the palate is floral (lilac, lavender, rose petal).
Overall: long, silky. Continuing on from the nose and the palate, the start of the finish is characterized by notes of zan liquorice sweets, purple violets and clove. Cocoa bean and candied ginger then bring lots of length and firmness. The retronasal olfaction is terpenic (apricot stone), fruity (strawberry, raspberry) and honeyed (heather). Just like the nose, the empty glass is empyreumatic.

Angaben zur Lebensmittelverordnung:
Artikel: Cognac
Nettofüllmenge: 0,7 l
Alkoholgehalt: 48%
Lebensmittelhersteller/Importeur: Cognac Tessendier, France
Ursprungsland: Frankreich
Farbstoff: nein

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