Grosperrin Orange d`Or - Cognac Liqueur

Grosperrin Orange d`Or - Cognac Liqueur

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Lieferzeit 1-3 Tage

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Cognac-Liqueur du Orange
Cognac Grosperrin
40% vol. - 0,7 l

A great many liqueurs are produced in Cognac, some of them very famous. Since the 19th century production has been thriving and, over time, orange liqueur has become a traditional product of the region.

The idea of producing a table liqueur in the same vein as our Cognacs goes back several years. Because it had to be an afterdinner liqueur it required aging so that its  complexity could stand up among the best.

Making this orange liqueur is a complex process. A blend of spirit, including Cognac, natural bitter orange essence and sugar forms the base which is then enriched with the addition of very old Armagnacs (1979 vintage for this first release), very old French brandy and Cognac. This is then aged for a minimum of three years in old American Bourbon barrels. At the end of this period it is drawn off into a small tank where it is macerated with Burgundy blackcurrant buds to take this unique liqueur to a new level of elegancy. The bottles are then left to rest for several months before they are

Natural amber colour. On the nose, a harmonious fusion of orange with old Cognac, Armagnac and Brandy. The blackcurrant buds add a distinctive
elegance. The attack on the palate is soft, sweet and complex without the characteristic sting of liqueurs made from neutral alcohol. The finish is gourmand with unmistakeable soft woody notes. A table liqueur in the tradition of 19th century liqueur-making techniques.

Angaben zur Lebensmittelverordnung:
Artikel: Likör
Nettofüllmenge: 0,7 l
Alkoholgehalt: 40% vol.
Lebensmittelhersteller/Importeur: La Garbare S.A., 17460 Chermignac, France
Ursprungsland: Frankreich
Farbstoff: enthält Farbstoff
Allergenhinweis: enthält Sulfite

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