Chateau Montifaud - Vieux Pineau Blanc

Chateau Montifaud - Vieux Pineau Blanc

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Lieferzeit 1-3 Tage

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Art.Nr.: PI-100139


Pineau des Charentes
aus dem Hause "Cognac Chateau Montifaud"
17% vol. - 0,75 l

The challenge and family story of 6 generations are driven by the same passion for 150 years, to sell our own production of top quality cognac & Pineau des Charentes only in bottles. For our Pineau des Charentes we also control all the process of elaboration with our own and unique methods which make our products different than the others for the constant improvement of the quality:

- Grapes varieties : 80% of Colombard and 20% of Ugni blanc.
- Soils : limestone.
- Harvest : after maturity controls, grapes are picked-up by hand for the best selection of grapes.
- Maceration : a maceration is realized during 36 hours for the best concentrations of all aromas and give the body to our Pineau des Charentes.
- Pressing : the 2 varieties are pressed separately in a specific pneumatic press.
- Mutage (fermentation stop): the grape juice (3/4) is blended with ¼ of eau-de-vie de Cognac (at least 70 % volume and age of maximum one year). Adding the eau-de-vie of Cognac with this high alcohol content makes fall down the departure in fermentation, so keeping the natural sugar of the grape.
- Ageing : this blend will be aged in French oak casks (roux and old) for much more than the minimum required by the appellation which is 5 years to get the mention "Vieux”.

Ugni blanc" gives finesse, elegance and a little acidity. Colombard gives persistence and a lovely fruity taste. This blend of these 2 varieties finds a perfect balance!

Angaben zur Lebensmittelverordnung:
Artikel: Pineau des Charentes
Nettofüllmenge: 0,75 l
Alkoholgehalt: 17%
Lebensmittelhersteller/Importeur: Cognac Chateau Montifaud, 36 route d'Archiac, 17520 Jarnac Champagne, France
Ursprungsland: Frankreich
Farbstoff: nein
Allergenhinweis: enthält Sulfite


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